February 19, 2017

September in Seoul

Out of the list of the places I want to visit, South Korea has always taken a permanent place. Even though I have visited it once in the past during my primary school years, I still have the desire to go there again since I apparently had suffer from a brief amnesia about my last visit.

...Oh don't stare at me. Ok I admit I am just forgetful, and I will cease finding lame excuses. 

Anyway, South Korea had been fun during the two weeks I spent there, right before I went back to the States and started taking classes for Fall term. I ate and shopped and ate and slept and ate, and of course sightseeing too but mostly ate. 

While I am still having major withdrawals even though it has been around five months ago, let's list the things I am fond of about South Korea (I just visited Seoul tho but oh well):
1. The subway system is superb - I have a terrible sense of direction but I didn't get lost! Good news for you guys who always get lost too, eh?
2. Whenever you order food at restaurants, majority of the time it always comes with side dishes (반찬) - more food on the table = better, right? or is it just me?
3. Many places where you can just sit and chill (there is none in my country - at least not outdoor...)
4. Heaven of makeup and skincare products - everyone knows about this 
5. You can shop for high quality clothes for as cheap as five bucks - what a steal!
6. The keypad door locks and push button on doors are just awesome - can every country uses them pls

P.S. It is not really related to the trip but I am just thrilled to tell you that I have been taking Korean language classes! I haven't mastered it yet but hopefully soon :)


January 20, 2017

Catching Up

IT'S 2017!!

... Ok I'm just gonna skip the lame excuses because I can't think of the compelling ones, so I am just gonna tell you what really happened that led me to abandon this blog for almost 9 months.

Two months before Summer: I couldn't recall what exactly happened but I honestly think I just got lazy.

Summer: As you all might have known, I came from a small city in Indonesia. Therefore, when I went back home during last summer, I literally could not do anything because the wifi connection there was just bad. Seriously bad that I even gave up scrolling my feed on Instagram and started to dig into my old collection of comics and novels and practically stuck my nose in them for hours. It was quiet a nostalgic experience regardless of the thick dusts and endless sneezing.

Fall: My laptop just suddenly died and wouldn't wake up no matter where and how hard I poked it. I brought it to the technician and ended up paying $500. I paid $500 on my 21st birthday. When my friends asked if I did anything fun for my 21st birthday (read: drinking party), I just replied "nothing much, just doing assignments in the library. Oh, and I just paid $500 to repair my laptop." And then they would just stare at me pitifully, not knowing what to say. It's not like my birthday was gloomy - my friends did gave a surprise cake and sang a birthday song. I am not fond of drinking either, so everything is fine. Seriously, I wasn't sad or disappointed at all.

Oh, and did I mention I am a senior this year? I have roughly five months left until graduation as I am typing this! Speaking about senior year, my assignments and quizzes just piled up even when it was only the beginning of the Fall term. Did that explain why I kinda abandoned my blog?

Winter: It's Winter term now, and it's the end of week two. I do have my assignments and my quizzes but I think they aren't that much compared to the ones in Fall term? Anyway, I will try to be writing more and posting them on this blog again.

I did visit a few places between Summer and Winter, so I will definitely be writing about those. You know how much I love traveling! :)

Till next time, then.


April 03, 2016

NY Photo Diary

New York, NY, USA
Soaring buildings, colorful billboards, paced walking of new yorkers, sounds and sights of constructions... were just a few of my first impressions of New York when I first stepped out of the subway station after spending around one hour in the subway from airport to midtown. 

I've always wanted to go to New York, so when Spring break was here -not deathly freezing weather, sunshine's out, cheap flight tickets and hotels- I figure, why not? To me, this trip was sorta a splurge (my friends weren't kidding when they told me everything in NY is expensive). Nonetheless, I was super excited. And a tad terrified; I once had an American teacher who shared her experience in NY, and she couldn't emphasize more about how she herself was even scared of NY. The impact of her story was me being paranoid and tip-toeing around for the first few days while in NY, but then I thought to myself, "hey this isn't that bad." I mean, I even wandered around by myself for one full day, and it was a breeze (of course with an iPhone and the ever-so-glorious google maps).

1. Stayed at a funky hotel and had breakfast in bed with the free scrumptious muffins.

2. Visited AMNH (where Night at The Museum was filmed at) and got something yum from the food truck in front of it (NY has seriously so many delicious food trucks all around the place!)

3. Eat a looooooooooot (seriously don't ever give a damn about your weight when you travel)

4. Dropped by the public library and my jaw dropped upon seeing this magnificent building - not to mention the interior!

5. Rested at Bryant Park when our legs desperately needed a break, used it as an excuse to indulge in cakes (does it rhyme?), and hanged around 5th avenue afterwards.

6. ... Of course we spent majority of our time at Korean town - duh them Asians; meaning, us.

7. Unfortunate foggy view from 86th floor of Empire State Building. Well, at least I got a glimpse of it.

8. Decided to purchase the tickets for MoMA instead of taking our chance at the free Friday night tickets (I'm glad we didn't - the line was infinite)

9. Loitering around Times Square during the day. 

10. Pretending to be a fellow student at Columbia University - obviously failed because I looked straight like a tourist with a camera hanging around my rotating neck; while looking around.

11. Walking and taking pictures of passersby around Central Park.

12. If I have to pick my favorite museums among the ones I have visited, then it has to be The MET, in and out.

13. Went to Guggenheim right after The MET - the building was so white clean (my eyes were bleached) and literally looked like a roll cake.

14. An ambiguous meal (not a lunch nor a dinner) at Egg Shop at Soho - 10/10!

15. Walking our way through Times Square on our last night in NY.

 Photos taken on Fujifilm X-T10 with XF35mm f/2 R WR.


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