June 05, 2018

PHOTO DIARY: 1216 / Winter Break

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February 19, 2017

September in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea
Out of the list of the places I want to visit, South Korea has always taken a permanent place. Even though I have visited it once in the past during my primary school years, I still have the desire to go there again since I apparently had suffer from a brief amnesia about my last visit.

...Oh don't stare at me. Ok I admit I am just forgetful, and I will cease finding lame excuses. 

Anyway, South Korea had been fun during the two weeks I spent there, right before I went back to the States and started taking classes for Fall term. I ate and shopped and ate and slept and ate, and of course sightseeing too but mostly ate. 

While I am still having major withdrawals even though it has been around five months ago, let's list the things I am fond of about South Korea (I just visited Seoul tho but oh well):
1. The subway system is superb - I have a terrible sense of direction but I didn't get lost! Good news for you guys who always get lost too, eh?
2. Whenever you order food at restaurants, majority of the time it always comes with side dishes (반찬) - more food on the table = better, right? or is it just me?
3. Many places where you can just sit and chill (there is none in my country - at least not outdoor...)
4. Heaven of makeup and skincare products - everyone knows about this 
5. You can shop for high quality clothes for as cheap as five bucks - what a steal!
6. The keypad door locks and push button on doors are just awesome - can every country uses them pls

P.S. It is not really related to the trip but I am just thrilled to tell you that I have been taking Korean language classes! I haven't mastered it yet but hopefully soon :)

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