December 01, 2013

Strolling in Seattle

Seattle, WA, USA
Le Panier's macarons / Piroshky's famous salmon bread / hotpot dinner / taro bubble milk tea - delicious!

We took a short trip to Seattle during Thanksgiving holiday and for the sake of Black Friday. We had good foods for these two days, yum! I am craving for more and more Indonesian food and Korean BBQ! In the night, we spent hours shopping from 12 to 4am. It was insane how packed the place was, you can't imagine how happy we were when we finally found an available parking place. Everybody must really be enjoying Black Friday. On the next day, we visited a well-known venue: Public Market a.k.a Pike Place Market. The place was also full of people that I couldn't take a proper shot of the market because there were always some people standing in front of either my camera or phone lens, or maybe I am too short... ok. Maybe. Before going back, we drove a little up the hill to Kerry Park to see Seattle's skyline. It was amazing! 

Good food, good buys, good places, and good companions might as well be concluded as a good trip :)


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