October 12, 2014

Life of the Party

Weekend like this is the best - slacking and procrastinating around, listening to some good music and marathoning on your favorite tv shows, cooking something homemade and stuffing yourself until you feel like you might have a baby inside your belly... oops. I may have gone too far with the "stuffing" thing. 

Anyways, everybody and anybody should have watched How I Met Your Mother or at least heard the great things about it. I just finished watching the very last episode of HIMYM and boy, was I sad. Correction: I AM SAD. Have you ever felt like you can hardly wait to see the ending of a movie or any tv show but when you finally reach the end, you feel so sad because you don't want it to come to an end? That's exactly how I feel. And my other friend. And also my other friends and many more. I think I just don't want to see any endings at all. Probably not only in movies or tv shows but also in life. I suppose I am too terrified to see the ending of my life; not like how I am going to die nor whatsoever but where I am going to end up in and how I end up there. Man this is getting so deep I don't even know what to type anymore to keep up with this "deepness" so I guess I will just end it here.


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