January 02, 2015

SF to LA

I have had a good life for the past week - going to places I've never been before, eating scrumptious food and desserts, taking photographs as what a tourist was like, yelling on top of my lungs on roller-coaster rides, visiting a museum after a long time... etc.

We spent Christmas at Disneyland, which I vowed a place I would not visit again for at least the next decade of my life... are those all really human? Too crowded! The roller-coaster rides at Six Flags tho, are what a fan of roller-coaster rides should try for sure. I'm glad that I managed to have my eyes wide opened during most of the rides to see the world turned upside down (literally) - or myself upside down. The first museum I visited after a while since the last one was LACMA in Los Angeles - so glad we paid extra for the temporary exhibition! Although a museum is not really my scene (yes I'm not artsy enough), the 'Samurai' and Pierre Hughye's really caught my attention.

The highlights of the food/drinks I had during the trip would be the ones I listed here:
- boba tea(s) - I'm indeed a big fan of boba tea
- bingsoo 빙수 - first time trying this Korean shaved ice & I'm definitely craving for it right now, esp the 인절미 one!
- a bowl of porridge - omg tastes sooo good (...but no pictures SOBS)
- hainan chicken rice & coconut pudding - a taste of oriental omg omg so good (I seem to be omg-ing over all good food I know)
- INDONESIAN FOOD! - no description necessary when it comes to this one HAHA

I'm all about good food when it comes to a trip, so don't mind me exaggerating about food. I am that type of people who live to eat, and that also explains my current situation (read: weight) :)

All in all, I wish everybody a Happy New Year 2015! 



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  2. Love every single photo in this post! I am just reading random posts of your blog :)


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