December 09, 2015


Sharing my latest craved items here!

As per usual, I am a self-confessed professional shopper with somewhat impulsive sense that needs to warned all the time with a huge warning sign hanging right in front of my face. However, putting that aside, they say ignorance is a bliss (or a devil in disguise idk), then I shall at least appreciate their sayings and be ignorance all the time once.

Stylenanda gray coat
& Other Stories body wash Cotton Care Winceyette / Arabesque Wood / Moroccan Tea / Lemon Daydream

Kara Store black small backpack has been on my wishlist for a long time, if not forever. Also, my hunt for the perfect gray coat might finally come to a halt - crushing on Stylenanda gray coat! And these days, I am so into tiny crossbody bags - eyes on Melie Bianco Trixie small tassel crossbody and Jcos Studios mini triangle messenger bag. The rest are ...well, goodies :-)


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