February 29, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

It's not rare to see me waking up on a Sunday afternoon (yes afternoon, you didn't read that wrong) and asking "What, tomorrow's Monday already?" In fact, I probably ask that identical question every Sunday that it utterly feels déjà vu. 

Even with my Fridays off these term, weekends still feel so brief. Why can't weekends be longer? WHYYYY *echoes*

Enough with the complaints --what's after this is totally irrelevant, but I want to scribble some of my accomplishments these past two weeks:
1. Survived all the mock interviews --only two, but yay!
2. Managed to finish a 2000-word paper in one night (one more coming up next week, *whispers* help meee)
3. I decided to add a new minor, merchandising management. Still not sure what to do with visual arts, but no rush here
4. Convinced my impulsive self not to spend/waste money on all the useless but pretty stuffs --fingercrossed
5. Finally had the time to clean and disinfect all my makeup products (oh that satisfaction)


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