January 20, 2017

Catching Up

IT'S 2017!!

... Ok I'm just gonna skip the lame excuses because I can't think of the compelling ones, so I am just gonna tell you what really happened that led me to abandon this blog for almost 9 months.

Two months before Summer: I couldn't recall what exactly happened but I honestly think I just got lazy.

Summer: As you all might have known, I came from a small city in Indonesia. Therefore, when I went back home during last summer, I literally could not do anything because the wifi connection there was just bad. Seriously bad that I even gave up scrolling my feed on Instagram and started to dig into my old collection of comics and novels and practically stuck my nose in them for hours. It was quiet a nostalgic experience regardless of the thick dusts and endless sneezing.

Fall: My laptop just suddenly died and wouldn't wake up no matter where and how hard I poked it. I brought it to the technician and ended up paying $500. I paid $500 on my 21st birthday. When my friends asked if I did anything fun for my 21st birthday (read: drinking party), I just replied "nothing much, just doing assignments in the library. Oh, and I just paid $500 to repair my laptop." And then they would just stare at me pitifully, not knowing what to say. It's not like my birthday was gloomy - my friends did gave a surprise cake and sang a birthday song. I am not fond of drinking either, so everything is fine. Seriously, I wasn't sad or disappointed at all.

Oh, and did I mention I am a senior this year? I have roughly five months left until graduation as I am typing this! Speaking about senior year, my assignments and quizzes just piled up even when it was only the beginning of the Fall term. Did that explain why I kinda abandoned my blog?

Winter: It's Winter term now, and it's the end of week two. I do have my assignments and my quizzes but I think they aren't that much compared to the ones in Fall term? Anyway, I will try to be writing more and posting them on this blog again.

I did visit a few places between Summer and Winter, so I will definitely be writing about those. You know how much I love traveling! :)

Till next time, then.


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